Maria Kauffman

Steve Volkers Group

(616) 498-9411

I'm a real estate professional with years of experience in the marketing and sales industry. I know how to market and I know how to sell, and I absolutely love my clients and real estate. I specialize in downtown condos and residential properties within Grand Rapids. My hobbies include DIY'ing, cooking and gardening. Basically anything that involves home and sharing it with others.
Maria was an absolute delight to work with in finding our new home! She always made prompt arrangements to show us any Condo we were interested in seeing. She consistently provided vast knowledge of the Real Estate Market in Grand Rapids. And she has a universal knowledge of living in Grand  Rapids: from wonderful restaurants to historical aspects of the City to home furnishings to carpet cleaners, painters....anything you need to set-up a new home in a new city. She is still willing to help with any information we are looking for us to continue to set-up our new home! We would welcome recommending her to anyone looking for their next gem of a home!
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